J. Shorrock


We are John and James Shorrock. John does all the making and James handles the digital side of things. We are based in Northern England and work out of a large workshop and wood store on the family farm.

John mainly uses hardwoods grown in the North West of England, specifically Elm burr, Sycamore, Cherry, Laburnum and Silver Birch. Most of the wood that is used is sourced from local tree surgeons who let us know when they have a tree which they think is suitable for John's style of wood turning. More often than not these are trees that have been felled because they were dead, diseased or dangerous. If possible we buy whole trees and always like to know where they had grown; this allows John to retain the tree’s spirit and character in the pieces using the defects and natural shapes to their best advantage.

With most wood, John visualises the shape he wants before starting a piece. As the piece develops, he takes careful note of the features and works the final shape according to the grain and natural edges as they emerge. He uses custom-built tools for roughing out the shape and hollowing the piece. All of the pieces are finished with Polyx oil to bring out the natural markings of the wood.

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